What Rust Preventative to Use Under Bronco After Pressure Washing

Water can be a powerful force to reckon with, and you need look no further than the cliffs of Dover to get a real world representation of what it can do at any given point in time. You don’t even need to see water pummeling a cliff face with this much pressure in order to understand how powerful it can tend to be in some way, shape or form. Even something as simple as letting water rest on metal can result in it getting worn away in a day or two at the most.

A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that water tends to oxidize metal since it contains two oxygen atoms. This oxidation process makes it so that the metal will rust and eventually crumble into dust, and that is something that should always be contained at the very topmost portion of your conscious mind while you are pressure washing your Ford Bronco. Suffice it to say that Broncos are high end cars, so you would never want to do anything that would make yours start to rust.

The best course of action to take to protect your bronco from rust is to add some white lithium spray under it. The undercarriage of your vehicle does not have any rust proof coating on it, which means that pressure washing it would inevitably cause it to rust to a large extent. The white lithium spray acts as a temporary rust preventative, one that allows you to pressure clean to your heart’s content without any rusting occurring in the metal chassis for the most part.

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