How Much Bleach to Mix With Water Before Pressure Washing

The use of bleach with water is something that has been thoroughly scientifically proven to take pressure washing to a whole other level, but you should know that there is a very specific quantity of it that can be used beyond which there is a pretty good chance that it would just do so much harm that its good would get cancelled out entirely. Pressure cleaning already has a lot of power thanks to the force with which water is emitted from the spout or nozzle, so you don’t need to make it excessively damaging by failing to mix bleach in the way it is supposed to.

The truth of the situation is that your Katy power washing goals have a role to play in what kind of bleach concentration you would end up going for. This is because of the fact that you might need a higher or lower dilution amount based on what kind of surface you are aiming the cleaning solution at. However, there is a general ballpark figure that we can give you which would work in many if not most scenarios.

You should ideally mix about one part bleach to nine parts of water before pressure washing, and the fact of the matter is that this brings the bleach concentration up to ten percent. This is the perfect mix for sanitizing surfaces without softening them or stripping them of their natural colors, so it just goes to show that proper bleaching is something that can pay dividends to those that have enough sense to implement it. This concentration also makes your cleaning concoction safer for your machines since it’s less caustic.

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